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Description of Ivy Draw: Vector Drawing

for creating high quality vector drawings and designs. Change anything you want, whenever you want, no need to get things perfect first time.
illustrations, design work, colourful posters, cartoons, postcards, invitations, meme pictures, icons and logos, diagrams and more.
that allow you to quickly draw shapes, text, lines and curves. Fill with solid colours, gradients or even use your own pictures or photos. Add special effect blurs, glows and shadows.
your creations with your friends as JPEG or PNG images with quality settings and a preview function.
Ivy Draw has a touch optimised user interface: Pinch-to-zoom and panning. Quickly select objects even when underneath others by tapping. Multi-selection, move and change the colour of multiple objects at once. Finger view, displays a small window while dragging showing the view immediately under your finger.
Supports Centimetres, Millimetres, Inches and Points with three decimal places. Select from a list of common page sizes or define your own.
Undo and Redo, Move, Resize, Rotate, Ordering (Send backwards etc.), Alignment, Copy and Paste, Horizontal and Vertical flipping.
support for multiple layers, reordering, opacity and visibility.
Select from a range of icons and shapes including circles and rectangles, many with customisation such as the number of points of a star. You can convert geometric shapes to editable Paths.
Place text using a number of included fonts (or with your own custom fonts) using Bold, Italic and Underline styles with vertical and horizontal alignments including full justification.
Draw paths to create custom shapes or arrows using any combination of straight lines and Bezier curves. Not just for experts; automatically fitted curves and freehand mode make it simple and easy to use. Turn on control points to take direct control and design the exact curve you want.
Ivy Draw offers a seamless in-app upgrade to unlock the following premium features:
Export your drawings in all their vector glory using the Scalable Vector Graphics format, great for use on the web.
Create as many layers as you need.
Lock objects to prevent accidental editing, restrict selection to only locked or unlocked objects. Group multiple objects together.
Allows previously saved Ivy Draw drawings to be imported into the current drawing.
Choose more than two colours; create unique multi-coloured gradients, rainbows and more with up to 20 colours.
Unlock the advanced colour picker and allow colours to be selected by RGB, HSV or Hex values.
A fully customisable grid with object snap-to-grid and rotation snap.
Stamp Shapes and Text with a single tap, with optional random sizes and rotations.
Directly enter and update an object’s size, position and rotation.
Customise and design your own dash patterns for dashed lines and outlines.
Remove all advertising.
Please get in touch if you need help by email,
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